Setting Up Book Signings on Your Own

Getting a book signing can be a great way to increase your notoriety as well as to develop some extra marketing for your books. However, when you decide to self publish, you must act as your own marketing agent. Even if you decide to go with a traditional publishing house, you will still need to make sure that you handle most of the advertising yourself since the publishing houses do not offer much for the majority of their authors.

Setting up a book signing can be time-consuming, but it isn't that difficult. You'll need to make sure that you research your options, and then you'll have to go about convincing a venue to give you the chance. Fortunately, you don't have to be a best-selling novelist to accomplish this.

Research Possible Venues 
While a bookstore provides a fantastic place for a book signing and can lead to increase sales for both your books and other authors, you can also have a book signing at a convention, library, event day, conference, or anywhere else that people who might be interested in your book frequent. Some authors even have book signings in grocery stores. The key is to look at your book and see where you are likely to run into people who want to buy it.

When researching the possible venues, start with places that you have connections to. For instance, look at your own hometown and see who might be interested in allowing you to have a book signing. The local author hits it big is always a popular theme, and your local library as well as a number of other associations and organizations might be more than happy to help you out in this regard.

Try to Talk in Person 
When you decide on the possible venues that might be interested in your book, try to talk to the owners in person. While phone calls and emails are good, an in person conversation will generally reveal more. Set up an appointment if you don't know the person well. Regardless, make sure to make the meeting as quick and as convenient as possible. You don't need to prepare a long sales pitch. You will just want to explain what you want to accomplish and how you will help the venue do that. If you can demonstrate the benefits that the venue will receive from your book signing, then be sure to mention these as well.

Offer Your Own Books 
Unless you're dealing with a bookstore, the venue probably will not have copies of your book. Make sure that it's clear you will supply the books for them. While most places may assume that you will do this, you can make it sound like an added negotiation point by assuring them that you provide all of the copies. Emphasize the fact that the business will not suffer any losses. Do not, under any circumstance, charge the venue for your unsold books.

Assist with the Promotions 
Make sure that you assist with all the promotions. Contact newspapers and news networks as well as magazines that cater to your target audience in the area. You won't get acceptances from all of them, but you will get some positive responses, hopefully. The key is to build up as much momentum as you can. Maximize your contacts on your social media platforms, and coordinate with the venue for promotions. Most venues do not have a large budget for this kind of advertising, and so expect getting the word out to fall squarely on your shoulders.

Setting up a book signing is as simple as finding a venue that is going to allow you to host a signing. You don't have to be a best-selling novelist. To find a venue, research your possible venues and then try to talk to the owners in person. Make sure that you offer your own books so that they don't have to suffer any losses. Then take the time to assist in the promotions and marketing so you can get the best turnout you can.