Open the Door to Audio Books

As a young mother, the only time that I could read was when I put the children down for a nap, or at night after I had put the children to bed. Of course, that was only if the house was clean, the laundry was done, folded, put away, and the baking was done for another week. Usually by that time, I would be so exhausted that two consecutive words in a book would put me sound asleep. In those days, I would hunger to just escape, for a few hours at a time, to some exotic place with exciting people who could speak "grown up" sentences. What I needed to do most, was the one thing that would create havoc in my life. To "steal" away some time for myself, would result in being behind and having to work harder and faster to catch up. I was forced to spend time in the here and now rather than escape. I remember that one of the special events in my life would be when my spouse was available to extract time out of his busy work schedule to spend with the children and allow me a few hours of "Mommy time".

Out would come the book, (often Erma Bombeck and her sarcastic wit), and I would lay in the hammock on a hot summers day and read and laugh until I had tears running down my face. How much more simple my life seemed when I compared it to the erratic lifestyle of that household. By the time that I had to face reality and get back to parenting, I usually felt rested, relieved and ready for whatever challenge came my way.

Today's technology allows for all of that to be changed around. Today, young mothers can listen to audio books of every genre while cleaning house and raising their young. No longer does it require "snatching" time from other things in order to read. Why, students can even complete required reading while hiking, running, or even working (in some instances). I am an avid "reader" of audio books, and find that I am getting through even more books a week than my normal three or four.

If the reader is good, and makes the book seem visual, I find that when it is completed, I feel like I have watched a movie. I am now listening to audio books while walking and exercising as well. How much better can it get than this? There used to be a time when we dreamed of having it all. Maybe you can after all.

Here in SE Alaska, reading consumes much of our lives since we realize from twelve to fifteen feet of rain a year. Books become our constant companions and source of entertainment. Audio books just broaden the horizons a bit.