From Humble Beginnings

Owner of an Automotive Accident Repair Centre by trade, upon his retirement, Ian turned to the written word and discovered a whole new world. Through this discovery, he found Joe Steel. A man not unlike Ian, with dreams and hopes and aspirations, who comes from nothing and turns into something.

The Steel series, of which Just Joe book one "From Humble Beginnings" is more than just a coming of age story. It deals with a love triangle corporate backbiting, the difficulties in trying to retain a chunk of the huge global market as well as the interference from locals. From the mafia to insurance fraud, Joe sees it all in his attempt to reach and then to stay at the top of his game. All his life, Joe Steel has dreamed of more. Having dragged himself out of the council estates in England's capital, money isn't his only goal, because he has enough of that already. He wants power, he wants position and he wants Juliet.

As the daughter of the managing director of his firm, Juliet should be out of bounds. But when the top man himself, Bernard Rustin, starts to matchmaker, Juliet's his for the taking.

However a recent promotion to the Director of Overseas Development means he can't exactly take what he wants when he's thousands of miles away from London and in the heart of Italy. Especially when Juliet's determined to play hard to get.

In the depths of the Milanese countryside is a factory that will be the making of his career; if he can successfully transform it into a viable operation. With his skills and experience, it shouldn't be too difficult, but when the local mafia get involved and a policeman's mutilated hand shows up at Joe's door, the situation is far out of his league.

Will they stop him from attaining everything he wants?

Or will nothing stand in Joe's way?

Always a fighter, he's no stranger to clawing his way towards his goals, but with the mafia dogging his heels, will he survive long enough to become anything more than Just Joe. This is an exciting read by a new author, very diverse story line, with aspects of love, romance, thriller and eroticism, highly recommended and a great start to the series of books. One that you really can not put down. Wondering what will happen next!